Best Corporate Day Care Service Provider
Inspiring Developmental Growth In A Secure And Caring Environment

In this highly competitive world, we understand what it takes to work after having a baby and what challenges do the working parents face. But it is equally important to understand the worries of the employers. As an employer, you always want to have productive and focused employees who can put their best foot forward during the working hours. The reality is simple, toddlers who are receiving a convincing educational foundation in a caring and safe environment, their parents are stress-free and more focused on their jobs.

That is the reason we came up with the idea of working with the employers of all sizes and helping them by providing best corporate day care service. From Corporate Program to Backup care, we provide the best fit solution for your company’s budget and needs.

Corporate Day Care
best corporate day care service provider pune
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Best Corporate Day Care
Service Provider!

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What Are The Benefits To Employers From Corporate Daycare?

Being the best day care service provider in pune, Early birds child care will help you gain a remarkable competitive advantage by providing child care as part of your benefits package. An employee who is worried about the family will not be able to give you the best that needs to be offered. This quality child care solution offers employees peace of mind that can eventually result into:

  • Increase in employee’s productivity
  • Increase in employee’s confidence
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduced stress levels of employees
  • Reduced unscheduled delays and absences
Best Corporate Day Care Service Provider
What Are The Benefits To Employees From Daycare For Corporates?

Parents who enroll their young ones in Early Birds through the Corporate Program can rest assured that their children are getting quality care from an esteemed institution and stay focused on their work. And there are various advantages beyond that.

In addition, Backup Care is available to all the employees directly through Early Birds Backup Care in Pune. With a backup care association in place, parents remain mentally calm knowing that a reliable and safe child care is always available.

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