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Teaching Technique @ Early Birds

We apply balanced teaching technique. Our early Childhood Development Curriculum & Program is a blend of Play-way and the Montessori method which enables learning through creative and sensational activities, keeping in mind the pace, style of learning and development.

The pre-primary division includes learning through several combined play way routines, art & craft activities and various group activities that involve freedom of expressing thoughts and emotions. The teaching-learning experiences are upgraded with an approachable and friendly attitude of our members of the faculty for every child personally.

Our preschool curriculum is based on the age group of the children and their mental, physical development. We have monthly based curriculum to develop the principal values of children.

We follow:

  • Five Senses Education: This is an educational activity for children to learn about the five senses that are, smell, taste, vision, touch, and hearing. The session will introduce each of the five senses one at a time.
  • Fine Motor Skills: It includes the allocation of small muscles in motion, usually involving the synchrony of fingers and hands with the eyes. The complicated levels of manual activity that humans display can be attributed to and signified in tasks in the control of the nervous system.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Gross motor skills include coordination and movement of the legs, arms and other large body parts. They take part in the actions such as crawling, running swimming, etc. Gross motor skills are associated with the smaller movements occurring in the hands, wrists, fingers, and the feet & toes.
  • Tot aerobics: This is all about developing the child’s skills for using the body parts for motion and other activities.
  • Music And Movements: Music and movements promote agile participation in enhancing vocabulary and learning a wealth of concepts and skills. As kids improve vocabulary and language comprehension, they also refine their movement skills, developing coordination, balance, endurance and strength.
  • Art & Crafts: Arts and crafts fun for kids! These activities help them in self-expression and imagination, decision making, motor skills, visual learning, creativity, improved academic performance, and individual craftsmanship.
  • Math: This section will help children to understand the patterns, numbers, shapes, colors and many more things in fun way method.
  • Dramatic play Center: Through this program kids will learn lesson of being human, helpful, socialize, and respectful.

In all the above daycare curriculum processes, children can build their skills in many crucial developmental areas. When your kids get involved in these activities, they are actively experimenting with and getting prepared for their different roles in life. In addition, they also develop moral values and self-esteem when they discover their worth.

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