Corporate Daycare Schedule & Flexibility

Operating Hours

We are open throughout the year, and match the calendar of our corporate partners for holidays.

Operating Schedule

The well-being and health of your kid are our highest preferences. As per the corporate prerequisites, strict child to staff ratio and our one-child-per-cot policy is maintained. Emergency backup care schedule is available for 1-5 days or longer as per your registration and membership with our corporate tie-up partners.

Steadiness in Enrollment

Being a flexible childcare management company in pune, EBCS is dedicatedly offering families with a quality programming. Our attentively planned curriculums and programs are designed with learning tasks scheduled for the whole day and a week of growth and development. When classroom schedules are constant, learning objectives are efficiently planned and delivered.

Just as important, steadiness is beneficial for the kids, teachers, and staff by providing an environment that is caring and strengthens learning process.

Additionally, we have made the following policies to help us maintain our adherence to quality for all of the children:

Notification of Schedule Change

If you want to reduce your child’s schedule, EBCS will need an advance notice before your next billing date. If you want to add to your child’s schedule, EBCS will require a week notice and you will be able to pay the amount difference. Additions will be handled on the basis of available space.

Notification of Withdrawal from Program

If you decide to leave your child from his scheduled program, EBCS will require a month’s notice, and if advance notice is not provided, parents can pay for an additional month of fees for the withdrawal policy.

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