A Total Commitment to Daycare Cleanliness and Hygiene

We take the well-being of your child seriously and strive to provide an environment that is as solid as possible. The Health and Safety segment of our Operations Manual have particular requirements and procedures concerning hygiene and cleanliness for stopping the spread of germs.

Hand Washing and Using Sanitizer

Hand washing is an absolute best practice in stopping the spread of germs. Teachers are required to clean their own hands and in addition the hands of the child using described methods, before or after taking part in an intensive list of activities.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

EBCS staff is coordinated to completely clean surfaces that kids come in close contact with, using water and soap. Moreover, a few surfaces, including restroom surfaces, are to be sterilized as prescribed for the daycare cleanliness and hygiene. Toys that kids put into their mouths are likewise required to be cleaned and sanitized between uses. Water Play tables are sanitized before being filled with water and precisely supervised while being used.

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