Day Care Doctors and Hospitals Tie Up

Each staff working at EBCS must give confirmation of good health with a marked physical examination. Every medical record is regularly revised. Staff members don't work if they are sick. Daycare doctors and hospitals tie up for pre-employment screening and if a staff member is ill, he can return back to the center only with the consent of our doctor.

With respect to the kids, we keep up a written record for every kid in our care. Relevant health histories, (for example, sensitivities, chronic conditions or sensitivity) are additionally required. All health records, emergency contacts and vaccination records are kept up to date with and accessible if there an emergency. With the everyday arrival at the corporate day care service center, a health check-up will be conducted by a nurse to decide if the kid is included or excluded in the center. In case if a kid falls ill after the arrival, the kid will be taken to the sick room till the parents arrive there.

Medical Standards

Hospital Tie Up with Ruby Hall Clinic, Grant Medical Foundation.

Doctor Tie Up with

  • Dr. Janitha Gilbert

    MBBS, MD Pediatrics / Consultant Pediatrician
    Ruby Hall Clinic Grant Medical Foundation, Pune

  • Dr. Sanjay Natu

    MD, DNB Pediatrics, MNAMS / Consultant Pediatrician
    Professor in Pediatrics at SKN Medical College, Pune

  • Dr. Abhay Desai

    Food Hygiene & Health Laboratory

  • SOPs have been created and implemented.
  • All the kids must have physical examinations, screening test, and immunizations results. The test dates are documented on the immunization form.
  • Health provider’s name, address, date of examination and contact number must be provided.
  • No person – teacher, volunteer worker, maintenance worker, office worker, substitute, or other staff members who regularly relate with children, shall be allowed to work unless they present (before starting to work) a certificate of better health from a licensed physician.
  • No child is permitted in the school with a severe cough and long nails.
  • Standard hand washing process is posted in every bathroom, kitchen and classroom sink.
  • Managerial staff will supervise ongoing monitoring, assessment, and training of hygiene policies and procedures.
  • All the toys and equipment will be washed with suitable cleansing solutions daily;
  • All surfaces ought to be cleaned as required.
  • Spills are handled immediately.
  • General cleaning is supervised daily.
  • Read more about our health and safety procedures
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