Corporate Daycares: A bliss For The Kids And The Mothers

Tuesday, 16 May

A Chance For Mothers To Pursue Their Dreams

When a girl gets married, she enters a world where she finds a whole new place and a new family. As the time passes, she adapts to the that environment and becomes an integral part of it. The time she becomes a mother, it makes her complete as a woman. But as the little angel enters the world, new responsibilities also enter for a mother. And if she is an earning woman, it becomes quite difficult for her to manage her work with the responsibility of her little one. Eventually, most of the women leave their jobs in order to take care of their infants, as it becomes difficult for them to pursue their career after having a baby.

Taking these things into consideration, here comes the solution to the obvious problems for a working mother- ‘ Corporate Day Cares ’.

Within The Office Premises

Some giants of the corporate world have already adopted the day care services and are providing the facilities to their employees and their families. Therefore, employees can leave their children at the child care center close to or in their workplace. Undoubtedly, this works to the benefit of both employers and employees. While employees can work with a peace of mind knowing that their children are being taken care of within their reach, employers can produce best results of better performances and reduced absenteeism from the staff.

The location is what makes the parents enroll their kids to the daycare center. If a daycare center is in or within the locale of the office area, parents are more at peace while working. They can visit their kids during the breaks or any kind of emergencies, which is an added advantage. Such facilities have been creating a productive and stress-free environment for working mothers as they can keep a check on the well-being of their young ones time to time and work calmly knowing that their little angels are in the care of trained professionals selected by their employer. This ensures their 100 percent dedication at work.

From the career point of view, women have become more ambitious than ever. These corporate day care facilities have offered them an opportunity for constant career growth. Mothers no more need to take a break from their work to take care of their babies.

Early Birds Child Care, is a daycare center that has been offering corporate child care services since a decade in Pune. The team of this venture feels that every employer must consider offering child care facilities acknowledging the agitating decrease of family support system, and the increased amount of time working parents spend at their workplace.

In short, a corporate child care facility is always a win-win situation for the provider as well as the corporates. With the increase in employees’ issue about their work-life balance, a daycare facility at the workplace would be nothing less than a blessing to the mothers who want to make a successful career while taking care of their kids.

Benedicta D’costa

Benedicta D’costa is an avid blogger of the leading child care organization, Early Birds-The Corporate Day Care with a rich experience of handling young children and engaging with them. Benedicta writes frequently about the “child welfare and development” and the real-life challenges faced at the workplaces: from the stress of being working parents to pressure of increasing productivity for an employer, and everything in between.
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