Basic Life Skills: Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow

Tuesday, 16 May

Parents' love is like a support system for their children, they want to protect them, help them, and cultivate them into perfect, happy humans. Sadly, this over parenting has the reversed effect, leaving the kids unready to face several challenges in life as adults.

With so much for kids to learn in today’s complex world, it’s too easy for them to ignore the essential life skills whether it’s reading a map, or writing a letter. But these life skills are essential to help your child better face the world confidently and grow into a responsible, courteous and admired member of society.

Your child is more efficient than you realize. Even a toddler can begin to learn these essential life skills. Start teaching these life skills now, and put your child in the direction towards self-dependence and success.

1. Time Management

From reaching school on time to making sure an activity is completed by the time limit, which will help them best to achieve their ambition. Setting an alarm on a clock, smartphone or computer, having a handy to-do list, even a desk diary or sticky notes- whichever helps them plan their own time will be fine.

2. Handling Difficult People

Rude neighbors, manipulative friends, and colleagues, dominating bosses… difficult people are found everywhere. That is why dealing with them without worsening arguments or violence is better. Logical advice like not reacting too fast, and peacefully stopping to think, “What exactly is the situation?” will build up your kids for life.

3. Money Management

Simple things like saving for difficult days, not spending more than you earn, and keeping a track of income and outgoings. All advice that often young people don't understand easily unless they earn their own money and see its value differently, but keep at it.

4. Household Skills

It’s not enough to know how to hang the clothes or make a basic dish. Are they able to wire a plug? Set the alarm? Unclog the sink? From packing their school bag by own to waking up early in the morning and preparing meals when the mother is not at home, these domestic skills will help kids to adjust in any environment. By the time your child is in high school, they really must be able to do everything related to their self-care, if they had to.

5. Self-motivation and Decision-making

You have always made the big decisions for your kids, like what to study and what to buy? Time to stop this all and let you child make their own choices as well as mistakes. Getting it wrong a few times prepares them to get it right. Whether they knocked down by a bad exam result or a difficult time, let them get up on their own. All you need to do is boosting their confidence and motivate them to become self-dependent.

Parents always look for giving their children the means to gain happiness and success, but they are not aware whether they're doing enough or too much. The truth is, parents may not be able to prepare the future for their children, but they can prepare their children for the future for sure. We at Early Birds Child Care are committed to assist the parents by offering their kids with the practical skills essential for their overall growth and development. We strive to make every child ready to face the challenges and move ahead towards a successful future.

Benedicta D’costa

Benedicta D’costa is an avid blogger of the leading child care organization, Early Birds-The Corporate Day Care with a rich experience of handling young children and engaging with them. Benedicta writes frequently about the “child welfare and development” and the real-life challenges faced at the workplaces: from the stress of being working parents to pressure of increasing productivity for an employer, and everything in between.
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