What Benefits Will A Corporate Day Care Provide To Your Organization?

Tuesday, 16 May

Someone has rightly said, “Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make, it’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrows”. Nowadays, most of the parents work no matter what their age is, whether working 24 hours at home or working to earn, just to give their children a better future. But the present time is different, with the increase in daily expenses, it has become important to have two bread earners for paying off the huge bills. Parents might feel the risk of missing the promotion or losing a job due to illness, pregnancy or other personal reasons. Similarly, all these reasons may affect the productivity of the organizations they work in. In order to avoid these situations, many parents are looking towards corporate day care services. With the help of these day care services near or in their workplace, it will be useful for the working parents as well as their employers to maintain a work-life balance.

Looking into this matter, Government of India has made day care facility mandatory for the organizations. Offering best corporate day care centers will result in various advantages to both employers and employees. Let’s have a look on some of the benefits:

Employee Retention : Organizations that offer day care facility usually retain their employees for a long time. When a child is happy and healthy, their parents usually don’t need to alter their child care arrangements, leave their jobs or change it if another company pays them more. They are more likely retained by their current employers.

Increased Productivity : When the employees are aware that children are close to them and in safe hands, they are less distracted. Thus, they are able to focus better on work and this increases productivity as it helps in retaining the work-life balance.

Positive Image Generation About the Organization : If an organization provides in-house corporate day care services, their employees feel that their employer is supportive for them. It will also help them in getting a lot of good talent as a lot of candidates may decide to join their company due to the facility of day care services at the workplace.

Reduced Absenteeism Rates : With the increased facility of child care services, there has been a proven reduction in absenteeism rates. This is all because the parents are happy to be always close to their kids in case of any emergency. As they are able to spend more time with their kids, they are less likely to take special holidays for their little ones.

Employees can Return to Work Sooner : One of the main concern for working parents is finding a daycare for their kids which has a friendly and loving environment. Without corporate day care, parents need to stay at home which can cause financial challenges. Daycare can also help the new mothers to resume their work after the childbirth. Hence, they do not need to take long vacations from their job to take care of their young ones.

A day care facility at the workplace will not only reduce the stress of the employees and enhance their productivity, but also provide the assistance to create happy and loyal employees. It also increases workability to make employees work better. Therefore, if your organization does not already provide day care services to employees, take the above points into consideration and add it to the benefits of your employees.

Early Birds Child Care is a place which can effectively and efficiently provide organizations with the best day care services. With a team of potential teachers, caretakers and management staff, EBCS thrives to nurture every child which eventually benefits the corporates as well as their staffs.

Benedicta D’costa

Benedicta D’costa is an avid blogger of the leading child care organization, Early Birds-The Corporate Day Care with a rich experience of handling young children and engaging with them. Benedicta writes frequently about the “child welfare and development” and the real-life challenges faced at the workplaces: from the stress of being working parents to pressure of increasing productivity for an employer, and everything in between.
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