Corporate Day Care FAQ’s

We are planning to provide day care services to our employees. Where do we start?

The initial thing to contemplate is the way your decision is likely to be observed internally. Is daycare already a part of your company’s culture, or you would be offering these services for the first time? If you have never discussed with the senior management or HR about this topic before, you may want to evaluate some applicable statistics and referencing information to help you in preparing a business case. The EBCS corporate day care service provider department can assist you in determining whether the whether the work-site child care is a better idea for your company, as compared to your work/life policy with other organizations or calculate the ROI of your existing program.

What kind of organizations does EBCS partner with?

EBCS partners with the companies of all sized, constituting a diverse range of industries throughout pune & near by places in maharashtra. Our client partners vary from companies of a few hundred to thousand of employees.

We own a daycare center. What can EBCS do for us?

If you require an impartial evaluation of all areas of the day care program, our team of corporate day care service provider from pune can make an Effectiveness Assessment Report on your program working. Our corporate child care consultants will review the quality and curriculum of your program, the center policies and cost-effectiveness of center’s operational program, and the ROI your company is gaining from the program. The report will help you in understanding both weaknesses and strengths of the program and will comprise directions for how to tackle these issues. A strategic association with EBCS will let your organization to maintain the proper control over its child care program without the everyday operating responsibility or liability. EBCS will work with you to ensure a seamless transition and maintain the uniqueness of the current program, but enhance the center’s success by providing the required resources and skills to develop the center into a truly unbeaten program.

What sort of day care services can we offer to our employees?

EBCS offers a broad range of day care services. Our Team of Corporate Day Care Service manages child care needs feasibility studies and evaluation. We offer an extensive range of emergency backup services. We also offer a wide range of additional services, that include after school care, Holiday and Summer Camps programs.

What factors determines its cost?

The formula is not easy to identify the ongoing operating support and start-up costs that are required by a center. With respect to center start-up, the space available to be renovated, the space to be issued per child, and the finishing level are the key factors. With respect to center operations, the operating hours, the fees to be charged, and the teachers & caretakers to children ratio are the fundamental variables. As we learn more about your goals and your employees, we will be better able to evaluate the costs connected with a child care center that meets your particular requirements.

What sort of an ROI can we expect?

ROI is calculated primarily by three criteria: retention, absenteeism, and productivity. These significant measures differ depending on an organization's separate key features such as population base, the cost of appointing new employees, average salary and the number of employee days lost in a year due to child care.

Additionally, nonquantitative measures are comparatively more difficult to justify in a conventional ROI formula, also further the case for day care expenditure. Increased state of loyalty by employees to a company can be converted into retention of the workforce; clarity in the community by the way of center activities can result in public relations opportunities, and lessened stress to employees related to work/life matters improves the productivity of the employee.

How can EBCS guarantee constant quality across all the centers?

Providing best in class child care is the foundation of building EBCS. Working firmly with some of the respected employers, we have implemented and developed a baseline of expectations and operational performance standards to make sure that our programs achieve the highest quality levels. Our basic level includes various quality control estimates such as annual parent contentment surveys, standards from corporate’s, continuing risk management and facility development focusing on security and safety, and ongoing teacher training.

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