Health and Safety FAQ’s

How do you handle a mishap or injury?

We have a tie up with the closest clinic in case of any medical emergency. While we remain cautious to avoid mishaps, they are an usual part of development and growth as kids start testing their movements and constraints. If a youngster is harmed or turns out to be sick while at our center, the teacher’s first need is to meet the child’s physical needs and afterward inform the Center Head. An emergency care process is followed, the guardians/parents are notified and, if needed, the child is taken to the nearest or assigned clinic/hospital. An accident and illness Report is generated by the supervisor and analyzed by the Center Head. The Center Head meets with the guardians/parents one-on-one to give them information on the way of the mishap and the measures we are taking to keep the mishaps in future.

Do you have a First Aid kit ready for the emergencies?

A doctor and in-house registered nurses are the part of the medical team. A complete first-aid kit is maintained at center’s dispensary. The kits are monitored closely to assure that the items are updated regularly and in abundant supply.

Do you train your staff on safety?

EBCS contributes heavily in day care health and safety. We train our workforce in proper administration and regularly inspect the center and equipment for hazards. We focus our observation to prevent mishaps that occur in day care centers.

How do you avoid falls and bumps from occurring at your Center?

The majority of mishaps in this category occur outside the center. Proper supervision on the play area is a significant requirement. Indoor mishaps often occur from slipping over toys, or sitting or standing on tables and other furniture. We train our staff to be alert at outdoors and indoors and give the kids undivided attention to stop mishaps of this nature.

How do you handle fighting, pushing and biting?

Fighting, pushing and biting are a part of the socializing process that takes place among young kids. However normal, these behaviors must be diverted as they often result in wounds.

How do you guarantee the health of each child and safeguard them from transferable diseases while at the Center?

In case of exposure to a transmittable disease, for example H1N1, EBCS works with nearby health departments to guarantee that everything possible is done to avoid advance contamination. From the beginning the recognized kid is separated from the other kids and taken to the isolation zone until his/her parent arrives. As of now, all things that might be contaminated are treated with purifying solutions or different chemicals ordered by the hospital to avert spreading of the disease. Each care is taken to guarantee employees and kids’ well being amid this time. When we have managed contamination, the Center Head informs each parent of the prospect that his or her kid came in contact with a transferable disease. EBCS additionally gives parents the direction with regards to the symptoms and signs to look for and any exceptional treatments that might be required.

What is your process for maintaining appropriate medical records for children and staff?

Our strategies for anticipating infection are critical to keeping up conditions helpful for good health, and these start with our staff. Each staff must give proof of good health with a marked physical examination. Every single medical record must be regularly updated. Staff individuals don't if they are sick. Our staffing guarantees that support staff and substitute teachers are accessible in case of illness or other related purposes behind absenteeism. Each staff member receives appropriate training on our strategies and methodology for limiting the spread of germs and illness. Our Sanitation Policy covers techniques for cleaning, diapering, nourishment readiness, washing, and hand washing.

As a part of our procedure for day care health and safety to keep up a sound and safe environment, we follow strict arrangements in regards to information kept about the children. We ensure all emergency contacts, health records, and vaccination records are kept up to date. We keep up an entire written record for every kid in our care. Related health histories, (for example, allergies, chronic conditions or sensitivities) are additionally required.

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