Best-in-Class Employer Sponsored Day Care

Early Birds Child Care Services, the parent company of Corporate Day Care, collaborates with employers to bring day care benefits to employees. We as an employer sponsored day care, are solely dedicated to supporting day care needs of your employees and would love to offer you our tailor-made solutions for your business.

If you are an employer searching for day care solutions for your employees, please contact us and an Early Birds Child Care team member from pune will reach out to you shortly.

The Advantages of Employer Sponsored Child Care

What is the result of providing working parents with a first-rate and safe child care? You get the hard working employees who stick to their jobs, are regular to their workdays, and are happy with their employers.

The Proven Return On Investment

In any industry, from healthcare to technology to higher education, an investment in an employer-sponsored child care receives positive results.

Our study shows that businesses offering employer-sponsored child care program gain advantage in all the areas that matter such as employee recruitment engagement, loyalty, retention, recruitment, and productivity.

On-Site Child Care Centers Increase Efficiency

Above 90% of the employees admit that accessing an on-site child care center at job helps them in concentrating all over the day.

Without a reliable child care provider, employee productivity reduced because work time is often spent on getting to and from a crèche, or just worrying about a kid's care and learning.

Employer Sponsored Day Care Affects Productivity

87% of employees admit that day cares at their workplace makes them more productive.

Without a dependable and clear child care resource, employees consume their time in searching for a solution, even in the working hours. When a proper solution is found for the child care, your employees are free to focus on their work.

Employer Sponsored Crèche Increases Employee Retention

Around one-in-seven employees actually turn down other job opportunities so in order to keep access to their employer-sponsored day care center.

An employer-sponsored child care is a proven advantage for increasing employee retention. Most of the employees choose to work for the company which helped them in balancing their work and life.

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