A Personalized On-Site or Near-Site Corporate Day Care for You

Companies are working hard on their work/life balance system in India in order to appoint, retain and support employees in a better way and boost the impact on the productivity.

At Early Birds Child Care Services, our team provides you with the personalized benefits of daycare to meet the requirements of your organization as well as your employees. Our corporate day care solutions include:

  • On-site Corporate Day Care Center Management
  • Near-site Corporate Child Care Programs
Bringing EBCS to You

For over a decade EBCS has planned, developed, and managed On-Site / Near-Site corporate day care in Pune for various premier organizations. Our aim is to form tailored employer-sponsored day care programs and constant partnerships with the organizations. What makes us different is our unique ability to operate and manage a profitable and first-rate child care center.

Ability and Experience

Our program ranges for a variety of ages - from tots to toddlers and two-year-olds to pre-nursery to nursery and after school kids. The teachers and center heads work together with kids and parents in a learning-based and caring surrounding where we respect the morality of each kid and parent. We strive to help the employers in developing the precise child care program for their staff with greater efficiency and detail.

Personalized Curriculum

With the growth of the children, the EBCS curriculum grows along with them. Our monthly curriculum is based on child's age group and their mental and physical development. We follow the best methods to provide children with best early childhood education and develop their basic values.

Business Model
  • On-site: the companies provide the area and sometimes the equipment as well but mainly the site is in the company's building.
  • Near-site: - the companies either guarantee priority seats which are booked for in advance for the time ranging from a few months to some years, basically have the day care providers to take space near the company offices.
Risk Management

Ensuring the safety of the children is our utmost priority. With over a decade of experience in on-site / near-site corporate day care in pune, we have made constant enhancements using the latest technologies to create the safest possible environment. From training to education, we have covered every phase of risk management. We keep on actively pursuing the best possible methods to use in our center, and always taking a practical attitude to risk management.

Custom-made Solutions
  • Each resource reflects the unique circumstances and requirements of our clients.
  • Our curriculum is flexible in order to acknowledge our partner's expanding requirements.
  • Our curriculum is customized to meet the specific needs of the working parents.
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"You never truly know what love is until the moment you look in you child’s eyes for the first time then and there you know love."