Safety & Security: Our Number One Preference

To guarantee the safety and security of the children in our daycare, each EBCS, the best creche for corporates in pune, have standards and procedures in place to cover pick-up and drop-off, equipment, and visitors safety and more. The process is occasionally reviewed and updated to reflect the most recent security & safety technology and practices.

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Secure Environment

Each child should be checked in and out with their Identity Card every day. We apply our policy by allocating a valid family pass to pick up the child. Our Center Head keeps an updated file of necessary information of the people permitted to pick up kids in case of an emergency. No child is ever released to anyone without proper approval.

Pick-up and Drop-off Policy
  • A security guard will be provided at each significant passage during operating hours.
  • Photo identification provided by the center must be presented upon entrance by the authorized people.
  • The parent/guardian’s signature must be obtained at the time of arrival and departure every day.
  • Parents are required to list anyone who they don’t want to pick up their child.

We don’t permit anyone to enter the premises till the head of the center or the admin manager allows the security guard. All the visitors to our premises are welcomed in our secure entrance hall, directed to sign the visitor register and write the reason for the visit. In addition, photo ID is required by all the unknown visitors and contact details are recorded.

Risk and Quality Assurance
  • Regular data reports collected from the operations team
  • Fire drill and other emergency drills,
  • Regular program assessments completed by parents,
  • Accident/incident reports,
  • And an in-place emergency evacuation plan.
Insurance Coverage

Our corporate creche services center is totally insured. We have a General comprehensive medical and accidental insurance as well as motor insurance policy including third-party property damage and bodily injury.

Food Preparation

Our Food Preparation Specialists are prepared in the careful storage and preparation of foods and are always checked to assure safe and nutritious meals. Mealtimes are intended to promote significant dietary habits and are pleasing learning and social experiences for the kids. Teachers don't eat with their groups and help their little ones to eat. Babies are held while feeding. Toddlers are motivated to nourish themselves. All eating utensils, tables, and chairs are fit sized for each age group. The height of our tables might be adjusted appropriately, and they are effectively cleaned. EBCS closely works with the in-house nutritionists to ensure that the menus are nutritiously healthy.

Equipment Safety

The building, play area, and equipment are as secure as we can make them. A decade of experience and testing has shown us what equipment to purchase and how to arrange it for highest security, both inside and outside the center. We ensure that the kids are kept safe from the elements and are effectively supervised. Also, it's the place where the critical activities of the day like eating, washing hands, playing, sleeping and going to the bathroom occur. We will source the best fitting early childhood classroom equipment, kids’ furniture, instructive toys, and curriculum materials for childcare.

Child-friendly Materials and Furniture

Being the best creche for corporates in Pune, we have the child=friendly center, There are no sharp corners in the furniture. Toys and learning zones are precisely arranged. Equipment is observed on an ongoing basis to guarantee it is in fine working condition. Broken or hazardous equipment is always removed from service quickly, to be repaired or replaced.

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